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removing the logo from your plots

removing the logo from your plots


How can I remove the Ferret logo from my plots?


The continued development and support of the Ferret program depends onacknowledgment of the contributions that it makes to environmental sciences.Please acknowledge Ferret wherever appropriate in publications and presentations.We also encourage you to notify us personallycontact_ferret@pmel.noaa.govof these acknowledgments.


remove the logo


Each time you make a plot, Ferret annotates it in the upper right corner withthe plot date, and the version of Ferret making the plot. This informationcan be useful, but you may wish to remove it, for publication quality plots,for example.


The newer MODE LOGO setting allows you to make a setting to remove the logofrom all subsequent plots. This FAQ shows how to manipulate labels in general,so we leave it in place.

 yes? CANCEL MODE LOGO ! remove the logo from all subsequent plots
yes? SET MODE LOGO ! Restore use of the logo

The collection of annotations is made up of three plotplus movable labels,always labels 1, 2 and 3. These labels may be removed using the "unlabel.jnl"script after setting up your plot. For example:

 ! Set up your plot 
PLOT/SET_UP/I=1:100 SIN(I/6)

! Remove label 1, the FERRET version number
GO unlabel 1
! Remove label 2, the NOAA/PMEL/TMAP citation
GO unlabel 2
! Remove label 3, the date stamp
GO unlabel 3

! Make the plot

You can remove just one or two of the logo labels by omitting the"GO unlabel" command for specific labels. You can also use the script"remove_logo.jnl" to remove the entire logo with one command:

 PLOT/SET_UP/I=1:100 SIN(I/6)
GO remove_logo