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Initializing data to remedy incomplete/incorrect metadata


How do I compensate for a dataset with incomplete or incorrect metadata?


Ferret, the visualization package behind LAS, does its best to make sense of data from the data files provided. Sometimes, however, the associated metadata is incomplete or incorrect as far as Ferret is concerned. The Live Access Server allows you to correct this on the fly without requiring you to recreate the data that you are serving. This is typically done by specifying in the xml configuration file that a particular initialization script other than the default should be used. Several of these initialization scripts are provided in the most recent releases of Ferret or they may be downloaded from the following site:


If you have any of the following problems, you can specify the appropriate script in the dataset xml file with:

Climatological axis not understood (out of range error) init_modulo_t.jnl
Depth axis upside down init_depth_z.jnl
Longitude axis not modulo init_modulo_x.jnl
Long load time --regular_t init_regulart.jnl
Setting the bad flag init_bad_1e35.jnl (one example)


Jonathan Callahan:
Last modified: September 27, 2001