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Netscape on Unix systems


Why does Netscape on my Unix system always crash when I go to the LAS pages?


Netscape on Unix systems needs to have the correct java libraries loaded in order for Java to work properly. This is true for LAS and any other web page that uses Java. The Netscape release notes include the following section on Java Applet Support:

Java Applet Support:

          Java Applet support is available for all Unix platforms.

          To run Java applets with the Java-enabled version, Communicator
          needs to be able to load Java class files from a file called
          java40.jar.  This file is included in the distribution, and is
          searched for using the following algorithm:

             if($CLASSPATH environment variable is set)
                 Look at $CLASSPATH, where $CLASSPATH is a
                 colon-delimited list of <path>/<jar-file> entries.
                 Search in order:
                     <program directory>

          If you were running Java with an earlier version of the Netscape
          Navigator, you need to replace your old file, moz*.zip
          file, or java_3* file with the new java40.jar file supplied in this

Jonathan Callahan:
Last modified: August 10, 2000