How to use the land_detail scripts

Below is an annotated version of the script land_detail_demo.jnl

land_detail_demo.jnl (4/04)

Description: demonstrate detailed land data in the dataset

land_detail.jnl and mp_land_detail.jnl can plot or overlay continent, national, and state boundaries, and also major and secondary rivers and international marine boundaries. Their arguments are as follows:

!    arg1  continent_pen  
!    arg2 "basemap" "overlay", or omitted for overlay
!    arg3 country_pen	Pen for optional national boundaries 
!    arg4 state_pen	Pen for optional state boundaries (Western hemisphere)
!    arg5 rivers_pen	Pen for largest rivers
!    arg6 more_rivers	Pen for additional rivers 
!    arg7 marine boundaries  Pen for marine boundaries in South Pacific, Bering Strait

The pen specifications can be color names, which are drawn with thin lines, or color numbers which can include a thickness specification. See "PEN" in the Ferret Users Guide.

! U.S.  State boundaries are available in the North and South
! America. Here we use pen-color codes 8 and 9 for national
! and state boundaries in red and green, so that the rivers
! show up on top of the national or state boundary lines.

yes? go fland 40 white basemap solid x=232:295 y=24:50  ! A blank plot to overlay upon
yes? go land_detail black overlay 8 9 blue lightblue

Now show one with national boundaries and rivers. Access the detailed topography/bathymetry data from Smith and Sandwell via DODS.

yes? use ""
yes? fill/lev=(-5000,-1000,500)(-1000,0,50)/pal=topo/x=0:24/y=30:46 rose
yes? go land_detail black overlay red " " blue blue

Now show the interntional marine boundaries.

yes? use etopo20
yes? fill/x=80:220/y=-50:20/pal=land_sea/lev=(-9000,9000,500) rose

! Show continental, national and international marine boundaries

yes? go land_detail black overlay red " " " " " " red 19 April 2004