Ferret Version 5.51 Release Notes

March 3, 2003

This is primarily a bug fix release. Bug Fixes:

  • Bug with SHADE/HLIMITS /VLIMITS fixed. The limits were applied to the axes, but the full range of data was used for the plot itself. (Bug was seen in sessions where only x-windows open, but not if a metafile was open, and not in batch mode.)

  • Can now use filenames that begin with a digit. Previously, "set data 12v1.cdf; can data 12v1" saw an argument starting with a digit as a dataset number rather than a file name.

  • Treat .nc extension consistently the way .cdf is used. Previously, for instance, the following failed to find and cancel dataset dat1:
        yes? use dat1.nc
        yes? cancel dat1
  • Fix FILL plots in viewports defined with /AXES. Fill plots were incorrectly clipped in these viewports.

  • Plot a color key for viewport plots, even if the key lies outside the viewport. This particularly applies to viewports that are defined with /AXES. Note that color keys are easily removed with SHADE/NOKEY or FILL/NOKEY.

  • Fix location on page of the 1st viewport plotted. When a viewport is defined with the /AXES qualifier, the first time in a session that a viewport was plotted it was mis-positioned on the plot page.

  • Can re-define a time axis to have a different calendar type. If a time axis is defined, its calendar can be changed by issuing a new DEFINE AXIS/CALENDAR= command.

  • Bug reading seconds portion time origin from some NetCDF files. Both of these formats are valid: "10-JUN-1996 04:03:36", and "1996-06-10 04:03:36"

  • Axes can be defined using more complex expressions. For example,
        yes? LET a = {1,2,3}
        yes? LET b = {2,3,4}
        yes? DEFINE AXIS/X xax = a/2 + b/2
        yes? LIST x[GX=XAX]

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