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Sharing your data with other LAS sites


How do I make my data sets available to other LAS servers?


There are two very distinct methods for sharing your data with other LAS sites:

  1. make your xml configuration files available
  2. set up a DODS server

The first method will make your server a sister server. If you provide your xml configuration files to another LAS site, that site can present an interface to your data holdings but all requests for data will be sent to your LAS. You must provide the las.xml file which contains the URL for your server along with any files included by las.xml with the XML include syntax. This is the easiest solution.

The second method requires that you set up a DODS server so that others can access your -- from their perspective -- remotely held data. The distinct advantage of setting up a DODS server is that others will be able to access your data with a variety of desktop tools, not just LAS. We highly recommend setting up a DODS server alongside your LAS installation as a way to provide data access for tools like Ferret which have much higher functionality than that provided through the LAS interface.

Jonathan Callahan:
Last modified: May 29, 2003