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Ferret eMail Users Group

Ferret eMail Users Group

Searching the Archives


Joining the list

How and why you should join

By joining you can:

be notified about updates and new releases

share questions (and answers) with other Ferret users

To request membership, simply send email to our Majordomo list server and include a message which says:

subscribe ferret_users

(Please note: this must be in the message BODY -- not in the subject line.)

You need to wait for two things to happen before you can post messages to the list. When you send your request, you will immediately receive an email message, indicating that your request was received. Then your request needs to be approved by a member of our group. When that happens, usually within one working day, then you will get a second email message with information about membership in the list. You are not subscribed, and any posts you send will not reach the group, until you receive that second message. After you have received that message you can send mail to the address below.

To learn about the users list without joining send the following message to the same address:

info ferret_users

Once subscribed, to send a question or comment to the list, the address is:

To get a mail message with general help on using the mail server, send a mail message to Majordomo list server with this in the body of the message:

help (Please note: this must be in the message BODY -- not in the subject line.)

To unsubscribe, send a mail message to the Majordomo list server, with this in the body of the message (not in the subject line)

unsubscribe ferret_users

Suggestions for posting questions

Don't hesitate to ask "simple" questions. If you've looked in the documentation and are still wondering about something, others probably are too. (See the Support Policy page for more ideas on how to find Ferret answers.)

Describe your question in the subject line. A subject line of "diurnal cycle" will receive more answers than "question", as people will recognize a topic they know about.

In your question, please say what version of Ferret and what operating system you are using. This information is in the header lines that appear when you start Ferret.

Show a few Ferret commands that you're trying to use.  If you want to send an example, if possible use variables defined from the command line, or datasets that are part of the Ferret distribution.  Or at least describe your data.  If you're seeing error messages or an unexpected result, say what that is happening.  And it's best to keep your question short and related to just one topic.

Go ahead and answer others' questions, using "Reply to All" so that your answer is posted to the list. The questions and answers are what makes the list such a useful resource. A partial answer or some ideas that might help are fine.

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