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Colored labels

Colored labels


How do I specify the color of text labels?


In PyFerret, use the SET TEXT command, and name a color or give an RGB description of a color. All subsequent text placed on the page will use that text color and style, until another SET TEXT command is issued or the plot is saved with FRAME. In addition, SET TEXT can customize the color and text style for specific text groupings, such as moveable labels, titles, and so forth.

The remainder of the FAQ discusses classic Ferret techniques.

Try this:

 ! a sample plot
 go fland 60 black basemap

 ! a standard black label (pen=1 default -- same as using "@P1")
 label 50 -60 -1 0 .2 Here is a label in black

 ! a red label
 label 50 -80 -1 0 .2 @P2Here is a label in red

 ! a white label -- redefine pen 6 to be white (100% on R,G, and B)
 ppl color 6 100,100,100
 label 50 -80 -1 0 .2 @P6Here is a label in white


Use "@Pn" in your label string to select among the 6 predefined line/textcolors as in the examples above. Try

 yes? GO line_samples

to see the choices.

If the color you need is not among the default choices you can redefine any ofthem using the "PPL COLOR" command (see PPL COLOR in the Ferret documention, chapter PLOT+ Enhancements Guide). The colorsettings will be applied on the hard copy, too.