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colored symbols

colored symbols


How do I specify the color of plot symbols?


In Pyferret, line color may also be specified using an RGB setting, e.g. /COLOR=(80,20,30). In addition, the argument to /THICKNESS may be any positive value.

The command

yes? PLOT/COLOR=name/LINE/SYMBOL=m/THICKNESS=n my_expression

sets both the symbol and the line color. The /LINE qualifier also causes a line to be drawn. If /SYMBOL= is given without /LINE, then only the symbols are drawn.

To get independent control over symbols and colors use the /COLOR= and /SYMBOL= qualifiers.

yes? PLOT/COLOR=red/SYMBOL=4 SIN(X[X=0:6:.2]) 

Here is an example using PPL commands to specify two variables with different symbols and a line style key. This syntax does not allow us to choose the colors.

yes? plot/SET SIN(X[X=0:6:.2]), COS(X[X=0:6:.1])
yes? ppl line 1,4,3
yes? ppl line 2,6,3
yes? ppl plot