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colors and patterns

colors and patterns


How can I produce a plot with both colors and patterns?


colors and patterns




Colors and patterns can both be used by using the /LEVELS qualifier to specify different sections of the data to be plotted.

fill/levels=(top half) data
fill/over/levels=(bottom half)/pal=black/pat=pattern data

The tricky part comes in getting the shade key correct on the right hand side. To get it right it's helpful to use the PPL SHAKEY command and the following symbols defined by plot plus (the graphics package underneath Ferret).

Note: These symbols are only defined after an initial plot is produced.


horizontal axis length in inches
vertical axis height in inches
horizontal axis origin
vertical axis origin

The PPL SHAKEY command is described in the shade key FAQ.



The graphic above was created using the following script:

use coads_climatologyset region/l=1shade slpshow sym/allmessage "Using the symbols above we create some variables for the ppl shakey command."let ylo = ($ppl$yorg)let ymid = ylo + ($ppl$ylen)*3/5 ! 1010 is 3/5 of the way between 980 and 1030let yhi = ylo + ($ppl$ylen)let xlo = ($ppl$xorg) + ($ppl$xlen) + .2let xhi = xlo + .3fill/set_up/nokey/lev=(1010,1030,2) slpppl shakey 1, 1, 0.08, 0, 4, 6, `xlo`, `xhi`, `ymid`, `yhi`ppl fillfill/over/set_up/key/lev=(980,1010,5)/pal=black/pat=6patterns slpppl shakey 1, 1, 0.08, 0, 4, 6, `xlo`, `xhi`, `ylo`, `ymid`ppl fill/overpattern solidgo fland