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Controlling ferret.jnl files

Controlling ferret.jnl files


How do I avoid the creation of ferret.jnl files?


Within any Ferret script you can "cancel mode journal" to turn off journaling; however a Ferret journal file will have been created when you started Ferret. To avoid this altogether, you can add commands to your .ferret startup file.

Insert into $HOME/.ferret:

 \cancel mode verify
 cancel mode journal ! turn off journaling
 sp rm -f ferret.jnl
 set mode/last verify

The rm command deletes the journal file created upon entering Ferret. Within a Ferret session you can always start recording commands in a journal file with

yes? set mode journal

or name your journal files with

yes? set mode journal:myjnl.jnl


See also SET REDIRECT for more options to control sending Ferret output to files.