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getting valid EPS files from Fprint

getting valid EPS files from Fprint


I've made some postscript files from Ferret via Fprint, but cannot seem to incorporate them into an MS Word document. Any hints?


Note that when running PyFerret, the FRAME command saves a number of graphics formats: PNG, PDF, PS and SVG.  This FAQ applies only to classic-Ferret metafile conversion.


There are several possibilities reported by users:

  • On the cheap you can use Ghostscript/Ghostview to look at the .PS file,then convert it to a .EPS file. Ghostview is a shareware program, the downsideis that the unregistered version doesn't save a preview on the .EPS, soyou just have this object you can't see in your word/wordperfect document.You can't edit it, but it seems to print OK. So if all you want to do isput it there, then you're set.

  • Here is a recent thread from the Users List Archive on this topic. Several tools and scripts are suggested.

    Converting metafiles to EPS

  • Some commercial software that we are aware of:

    • A filter program called "Transverter Pro" by TechPool Software, that addressesthe differing flavors of PostScript files.

    • Adobe Illustrator; users have found that the output of that programis acceptable for word processing.

    • Another option is to use Adobe Acrobat Distiller (Not free either,but seems to be cheaper than either Illustrator, Freehand or Transverter. Possibly just available with Adobe PageMaker or other packages). Distiller lets you convert the file to a .PDF document which can be insertedinto a word/worperfect document just fine.