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labeling dates along a trackline

labeling dates along a trackline


How can I label the dates along a track plot?


dates along trackline



Use the TAX_datestring function to get date strings for a subset of the time steps.


! Define a dummy track line, position as a function of time.

DEFINE AXIS/T=1-JAN-1980:31-JAN-1985:30/UNIT=days tax 
LET ypos = 40 *COS(L[GT=tax]/32) 
LET xpos = 220 - 50 *SIN(L[GT=tax]/22) 

! Make the basic track plot

GO basemap X=110E:40W Y=20S:50N 20 

! Label every 5th date. The labels could be positioned differently, using
! the 3rd argument of the LABEL command to control centering. Or, to put the
! labels a bit above the corresponding point location, add a small amount to
! the y positions, for instance `ypos + 0.04` in the second argument to LABEL.

LET tt = t[gt=tax] 

! Loop over L; at each L we evaluate TAX_DATESTRING for the time step,
! and compute the location for the label

REPEAT/L=5:60:5 (DEFINE SYMBOL tlab = "`TAX_DATESTRING(tt,tt,"day")`"; \
 LABEL `xpos` `ypos` 1 0 0.1 ($tlab) ) 


A further example:



Here is an alternative way to get the time labels. This does not give as much control over the date string, however. We can use the timeaxis and the `RETURN=tstart` syntax:


!... Set up the variables as in the above example

REPEAT/L=5:60:5 (DEFINE SYMBOL tlab = "`T[GT=tax],RETURN=tstart`"; \
 LABEL `xpos` `ypos` 1 0 0.1 ($tlab) )