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modifying the shade key

modifying the shade key


How can I resize or reposition the shade key?
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How can I change the size of the color bar labels?


shade key


Ferret command qualifiers can control several aspects of the colorbar.  Color graphics commands (SHADE, FILL, POLYGON and RIBBON.) The /KEY= qualifier can take these arguments.

/KEY=HORIZONTAL  Draws a horizontal colorbar along the top of the plot box.

/KEY=CONTINUOUS  Draws the colorbar without lines between the colors

/KEY=CENTERLAB  Draws a plot and a colorbar where the colors labeled instead of the lines between colors

Multiple options may be given, by listing them in a comma-separated list: SHADE/KEY=horiz,continuous var


For more control, use the PlotPlus command called "SHAKEY" which controls the size, position,etc. of the key drawn with SHADE and FILL commands.


SHAKEY do_key, orient, klab_siz, klab_inc, klab_dig, klab_len, kx_lo, kx_hi, ky_lo, ky_hi
do_key 0 if the key will not be displayed, 1 if it will (0)
orient 0 for horizontal, 1 for vertical (0)
klab_size if non-zero: height of key label characters in inches (0)
klab_inc if non-zero: every klab_inc key level is labelled (0)
klab_dig number of sig digits in the key (3)
klab_len max characters in a key label (9)
kx_lo X coord of left side of key in inches
kx_hi X coord of right side of key in inches
ky_lo Y coord of bottom of key in inches
ky_hi Y coord of topof key in inches


The figure above was created with:

use coads_climatology
set region/x=50w:90e/y=60s:50n
shade/set_up/nokey sst[l=1]
ppl shakey 1, 1, 0.08, , 3, 6, 5.2, 5.8, 3.3, 5.9
ppl shade