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Namelist read error

Namelist read error


> We are having a problem with our installation. FERRET has been
> installed and will run from anywhere in the system. However,
> it will not open any of the datasets provided. When you click on
> File/Open, it displays the datasets that were provided, and then
> when one is selected and Apply is clicked, it gives the following
> error message:
> **TMAP ERR: Error in namelist record
> Didn't find: FORMAT_RECORD; or file not descriptor file
> Data set: /usr/local2/ferret/fer_data/descr/examp_irreg_t_ax.des


The fortran run time environment variable XLFRTEOPTS needs to be set to"namelist=old" in order to for the ferret namelist reads to be successful.An example of the command to set this environment variable in the c shell is:


 % setenv XLFRTEOPTS namelist=old

This command can be inserted into the users .login file to be set up automatically.


Last modified: Oct 27, 2003