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Sampling along a cruise track

Sampling along a cruise track


> I have model output, and I want to extract it along a transect
> which matches an ocean cruise. The cruise, of course, does not
> run along a model grid (or even a particularly straight) line.
> I've translated the lat/lons of the cruise stations into i,j
> coordinates from the model domain. Now . . . is there a way
> to use ferret to extract the model output along a section that
> matches the cruise track?


The script

 yes? GO vertical_section

will sample a model output to match a cruise.

As-is, the script uses regularly spaced points along a straight line cruise path, but if you examine (and modify) the internals of the script the same procedure can be used to sample your model at arbitrary cruise stations. Just replace the variables "x_vsect" and "y_vsect"with the actual lon, lat positions of your cruise stations.