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Troubleshooting the FRAME command

Troubleshooting the FRAME command


The implementation of the FRAME command in Ferret is quite different when Ferret is initiated with "ferret -gif" versus when it is initiated with graphics viewed on an X DISPLAY.

With the X DISPLAY, the FRAME command has to download the current bitmap from the X DISPLAY. On some X servers this will work correctly only if the DISPLAY is pseudo-color. In the Hummingbird eXceed X server under MSWindows, for example, you need in the Xconfig program to set Video to

ServerVisual: PseudoColor

If you are communicating over an asymmetric connection between your XDISPLAY server and your computer, you may notice that the FRAME command is slow. This is probably a result of the upstream bandwidth limitations of the connection.

In most cases, if the FRAME command will not function to your X DISPLAY, you can fall back on "ferret -gif" to obtain GIF output.


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