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Using Multi-file netCDF descriptors under Linux

Using Multi-file netCDF descriptors under Linux

NOTE: This FAQ is relevant only for Ferret executables between versions 5.0 and 5.51 under Linux; these were compiled using Fortran 90. Executables for Linux, Ferret versions 5.53 and higher are compiled with g77 and no changesare needed to descriptor files used with these verions.


Why won't my multi-file netCDF descriptors work when running Ferret
under the Linux operating system?


> ferret_v500beta1.1 
Program FERRET (V500beta1.1)
Version 5.00 - 06/03/99
21-Mar-00 11:34
yes? set data coads_clim_irreg
**TMAP ERR: Error in namelist record
Error in: FORMAT_RECORD; or file not descriptor file
Data set: /home/kobrien/fer_dsets/descr/coads_clim_irreg.des


This error occurs because the descriptor was formatted forFortran 77 namelist reads, but the Linux version of Ferret wascompiled using Fortran 90. Since Fortran 90 has a different formatfor namelist reads, the descriptor fails.


The solution is to linuxize, or Fortran 90ize, the descriptors.Here is a scriptfile which attempts to linuxize Fortran 77 style descriptors.It is possible that the linuxize_descriptor file will not fixsome custom created descriptors. In that case the script willhave to be modified to deal with custom additions, but it shouldbe a good start.

Last modified: Aug 25 1998