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Batch Mode Usage

Batch Mode Usage


Is there a way to run Ferret in genuine batch mode?


In PyFerret, use the -nodisplay switch instead of -gif or -batch. The FRAME command will determine the output graphics file type. The -script command-line switch works the same in PyFerret as in Ferret; as does the redirection described below.

1) You may use the command-line switches -gif, -batch, -script to run Ferret in batch mode. Note that -batch and -gif offer different forms of graphics output. See the Ferret documentation for details of these options. For example to run a script which produces gif images and takes arguments:

% ferret -gif -script my_ferret_script.jnl 5 2 1
% pyferret -nodisplay -script my_ferret_script.jnl 5 2 1

2) In addition, you can use redirection to pass a script to Ferret, or PyFerret. for example

 % ferret < my_ferret_script.jnl

and also redirect output

 % ferret < my_ferret_script.jnl > script_output.txt

You can also place commands to ferret within a shell script,

 ferret << STOP
 plot/i=1:10 i
 list/i=1:10 i*3

In short, Ferret can be treated as other executables, redirecting input and its output.