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Live Access Server

Live Access Server

Sharing Climate Data over the Internet

The Live Access Server (LAS) is a highly configurable web server designed to provide flexible access to geo-referenced scientific data. It can present distributed data sets as a unified virtual data base through the use of DODS networking. Ferret is the default visualization application used by LAS, though other applications (Matlab, IDL, GrADS, ...) can also be used.

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LAS enables the web user to:

  • visualize data with on-the-fly graphics
  • request custom subsets of variables in a choice of file formats
  • access background reference material about the data (metadata)
  • compare (difference) variables from distributed locations

LAS enables the data provider to:

  • unify access to multiple types of data in a single interface
  • create thematic data servers from distributed data sources
  • offer derived products on the fly
  • remedy metadata inadequacies (poorly self-describing data)
  • offer unique products (e.g. visualization styles specialized for the data)

Here are a couple of reports about LAS topics:

Who is using LAS?

Here is a table of LAS sites worldwide.

How do I obtain LAS?

See the downloads section.

Where do I get help using LAS?

Help is available through a users email list, the email list archives, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Who should use LAS?

LAS is a resource for anyone who needs to share oceanographic or atmospheric data with others. It is especially well-suited to groups of data producers with related data sets at distributed locations: a community modeling effort for example.

Can I configure LAS to meet special needs?

LAS is configurable with respect to the structure of data sets; the style of output graphics; the appearance of the interface; the level of user access provided (who can request what); and security (who can access the server).

What systems does LAS run on?

The server portion of LAS is written in Java and should run on any Ferret supported Unix / Linux platform.