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Ferret Tutorials and Demos

by admin last modified 2016-09-08 12:57

Online  and HTML demonstrations are available to familiarize you with Ferret's features.

The jnl files are "go scripts", available to you when you run Ferret, for example: "GO tutorial" shows you around Ferret.

Ferret tutorial

Ferret Tour
tutorial.jnl- script file

Remote data access with OPeNDAP

(OPeNDAP protocol formerly known as DODS: Distributed Oceanographic Data System)
opendap_demo.jnl - script file

External functions examples

Sorting data ef_sort_demo
Fast Fourier Transforms ef_fft_demo
Empirical Orthogonal Functions (EOF's) ef_eof_demo
Gridding: interpolate point data to a grid objective_analysis_demo

Binary stream file capability

binary read demo -
binary read demo.jnl - script file

Constant array syntax

constant_array_demo.jnl - script file

COADS ocean-atmosphere data set

COADS tour
coads_demo.jnl- script file

Levitus data set: Climatological Atlas of the World Ocean

Levitus tour
levitus_demo.jnl- script file

Color palettes

map colors to the range of data values by percent, level, or value

Map projections

Map projections and map projection utility scripts

Track plotting


see Ribbon plot capabilities

Polymark demo:

plot points using symbols colored by values of a variable

Polytube demo:

plot a colored tube of variable values along a plotted track


Color-filled vectors:

using the poly_vectors and mp_poly_vectors scripts to draw filled vector arrows.

Graticule lines:

using the /GRATICULE, /HGRATICULE, and /VGRATICULE qualifiers to draw graticule lines (guide lines) at the tic marks of horizontal and vertical axes.

Detailed land outlines:

using the detailed data in the dataset geo_borders_intermed to draw continental, international land and marine boundaries, state boundaries, and rivers.

The demos below are journal scripts only. 

Run these from Ferret with "GO coads_demo", etc.

View the documentation in the scripts with "go/help spirograph_demo.jnl", etc.

Data sets

COADS ocean-atmosphere data sets - - coads_demo.jnl
ETOPO (Equator to Poles) data set - - topographic_relief_demo.jnl
FNOC Navy surface marine wind data - - fnoc_demo.jnl
Levitus data set: Climatological Atlas of the World Ocean - - levitus_demo.jnl

Files and data manipulation

File reading ASCII FILES - - file_reading_demo.jnl
Editing data: "hand-editing" a variable - - edit_data_demo.jnl
Regridding data from one grid to another - - regridding_demo.jnl

Map projections

Map projections - - mp_demo.jnl
Mercator projection - - mercator_demo.jnl
Multi-variable data: plots available for data with multiple dependent axes - - multi_variable_demo.jnl
Polar stereographic map projections - - polar_demo.jnl
South polar stereographic map projections - - polar_south_demo.jnl

Math and Statistics

Mathematics: Computation and display of "abstract expressions" - - mathematics_demo.jnl
Statistics: sample distribution functions - - statistics_demo.jnl

Contouring and 2-D plots

Depth-to-density: contouring with a user-defined axis - - depth_to_density_demo.jnl
Custom contouring - - custom_contour_demo.jnl
Color palettes for color-fill plots - - palette_demo.jnl
Contnuous Colorbars - - ccbar_demo.jnl (ccbar.jnl is obsolete. It is replaced by /KEY=CONTINUOUS on color plot commands)
Topographic relief plotting; some of the ETOPO (Equator to Poles) data set - - topographic_relief_demo.jnl
Vector arrow plots - - vector_demo.jnl

Plot symbols, lines, patterns

Examples of line styles used by the PLOT command - - line_samples.jnl
Examples of pen color and thickness - - line thickness.jnl
Display the PLOT+| plotting symbols - - show_88_syms.jnl
Show all the patterns available for filled-contour plotting - - show_all_patterns.jnl

Track plotting

Polymark demo: plot points using symbols colored by values of a variable - - polymark_demo.jnl
Polytube demo: plot a colored tube of variable values along a plotted track - - polytube_demo.jnl
Track plot - - trackplot_demo.jnl

Other plot topics

Error bars on line plots error_bars, run - - error_bars_demo.jnl
Plots with multiple axis scales, run - - multi_variable_demo.jnl
Log plot - - log_plot_demo.jnl
Sigma coordinates - - sigma_coordinate_demo.jnl
Viewports: plotting several plots on a page - - viewports_demo.jnl
Wire frame plots to visualize 3-D data - - wire_frame_demo.jnl

... And just for fun

line plots - - spirograph_demo.jnl
pretty color pictures - - splash_demo.jnl

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