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by rohan — last modified 2013-01-16 16:00

Lagrangian data (ship tracks, drifters, etc.) is a special case of scattered point data described in a preceding section. In the terminology of "Defining gridded variables from point data" Lagrangian data is simply point data organized onto a 1-dimensional time axis grid.

8.6.1 Visualization techniques for Lagrangian data

Ferret has several visualization tools that specifically address the needs of Lagrangian data. There are three scripts:

polymark (polymark_demo)

marks value-colored symbol at each location

polytube (polytube_demo)

creates a line following the Lagrangian track with color varying according to a Lagrangian variable

trackplot (trackplot_demo)

creates a line plot of a Lagrangian variable where the zero line of the plot follows the Lagrangian track

Overlays of the trackplot script are useful to visualize more than one variable. Run the demonstration scripts noted above for each tool for an example of its use with Lagrangian data.

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