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Appendix C Sec4


PostScript formatted files suitable for printing can be generated from PPL+ metafiles using the gksm2ps command. Several command line arguments permit the tailoring of the output. The command and its arguments are:

gksm2ps:Send PostScript translation of GKS metafiles to a file

usage: gksm2ps [-h] [-p landscape||portrait] [-l ps||cps] [-d cps||phaser] \
[-X || -o <ps_output_file>] [-R] [-a] [-g WxH+X+Y] [-v] file(s)

-h print this help message
-p page orientation, landscape or portrait (default fits to page)
-l line styles, ps == monochrome (default), cps == color
-d device type, cps == Postscript (default), phaser == TEK phaser PS
-X Send output to your Xwindow for preview instead of a file
-o output file name (default name is '')
-R do not rename files with a date stamp appended (default is to stamp)
-a make hard copy the size of the original plot (default fits to page)
-v list version number of gksm2ps and do nothing else
file(s) The specific metafile(s) to be translated.

More about the arguments and their effects:

-h Simply print the above help message.

-p Specifies the orientation of the plot on the page to be landscape (with the long side of the page horizontal), or portrait (the short side horizontal). The default fits the plot on the page in the orientaion that best fits.

-l Specifies line styles that will be used in the PS output. Monochrome is the default but color may be more appropriate on color devices.

-d Specifies the device type. Phaser printers using transfer sheets are PostScript, but the available plotting area is reduced. The phaser option reduces the size of the plot slightly.

-X This option lets you preview plots on your workstation screen.

-o Specifies the output file name. All metafiles translated in a single execution of the gksm2ps command are writen to a single file.

-R The default renaming of the metafiles to be translated is intended to help distinguish metafiles that have been printed from those newly made. This option turns off that renaming.

-a The original size of the PPL plots is captured in the metafile; use this option to create the hard copy that size. The default fits the plot to the available page size.

-g Specify the hard copy plot size and offset in points (72 points = 1 inch).

-v Just lists the version number.

file(s) Name the metafiles to be translated; separate the file names with a space. Wild card specification can be used.

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