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Invokes PPLUS ("PLOT PLUS" written by Don Denbo), to execute a command or commands.

PyFerret runs PPLUS commands just as Ferret does.

yes? PPLUS !(also PPL); invokes PPLUS interactively

yes? PPL pplus_command !executes a single PPLUS command

yes? PPL/RESET !restores PPLUS to start-up defaults


yes? PPL CROSS 1 !reference line through zero

Executes the PPLUS command "CROSS" and immediately returns control to Ferret.

When PPLUS is invoked interactively the prompt is "PPL>" instead of the usual "yes?". The EXIT command given at the "PPL>" prompt returns control to Ferret.

See the chapter "Customizing Plots" for more information on Ferret/PPLUS interactions. A complete list of PPLUS commands is in PLOT PLUS for Ferret User's Guide, included in this manual as Appendix B.

Command Qualifiers for PPLUS:


Restores PPLUS to start-up settings.

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